While it is impossible to predict exactly how social media will change, here are three digital marketing trends you should look for this year:

Social Listening

  • Brands will be using social listening tools more efficiently. The more communication between brands and customers, the higher the engagement
  • Millennials want brands to be more authentic. 84% do not trust traditional advertising, according to
  • Consumers DO NOT like content that is not relevant to them, they’re more attracted to content that is personalized, and that is genuine. They respond well if they feel that they’ve have been heard, they resonate with brands that they feel they can connect with
  • Chatbots will continue to grow. Brands are relying more and more on customized chatbots to answer specific requests



  • Instagram shopping will change the retail game in 2018. With Shopify’s new shopping feature, consumers will be able to shop without leaving the app
  • Instagram Stories has more than 300 million daily users, which means that about 60% of Instagram’s 500 million daily active users are also viewing or publishing Instagram Stories. What’s not to love?
  • Instagram will continue to crack down on accounts that use bots to generate fake followers, likes and comments. Grow your account with real, high-quality content, engage with your followers and with the brands that follow you
  • As of now, Insta Stories dominate organic reach. Take advantage of them!
  • Micro-influencers marketing will continue to trend


Live Video

  • More marketers are incorporating live video as part of their digital strategy
  • 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog and 82% prefer watching a live video from a brand than social posts, according to
  • Social media platforms will deliver TV-style programming

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