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November 2001

Corporate America is faced with challenges today that professionals never dreamed possible. For those with a crisis plan in place, their responsiveness is swift and meaningful. For those without one, the challenge is much greater and often has negative fallout. Betty Lovell, APR shares her thoughts on “When Normal Isn’t Anymore – Working with the Media in a Crisis.”

PR Intelligence
February 14, 2001
Hiring a spokesperson can be challenging considering the pitfalls that come with a person’s reputation or actions, unless that spokesperson is a cartoon. Betty Lovell, APR shares her experiences in hiring the cartoon “Cathy” as a spokesperson for a health network in “Use Animation to Get Your Message Out.”
November / December 1999
Reporters have often said it’s easier to secure access to the White House than gain access to most shopping malls. Because of this, shopping centers have historically had a less than favorable reputation with the media. In this two-part series, “20/20: Tips for Building Strong Media Relationships,” Betty Lovell, APR covers 20 things that mall marketing directors should and should not do to enhance relationships with the media.