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George W. Bush
National Media Announcement
In the fall of 1997, George W. Bush scheduled a one-day, three-city stop starting in Austin and traveling to Midland, Dallas and San Antonio to announce his pursuit of reelection to the Texas governorship. Lovell worked with his advance team to plan the visit, which warranted national media interest and heightened security given his potential run for the presidency. Lovell developed a minute-by-minute schedule for the Governor and arranged advance interviews with the local and national media.
To communicate the governor’s key platform messages amid media frenzy.
To secure vendors and announcements in secrecy prior to media clearance.
To ensure security and plan for potential protestors.
Secured a Dallas shopping mall as the venue, which provided public appeal, accessibility and security.
Created an old-fashioned “town hall” gathering in the mall that included high school bands.
Developed and distributed media materials and arranged interviews.
Invited key Republican leaders and Bush supporters to the event.
Created handouts for the crowd outlining the governor’s key points.
Developed a strategy to deal with potential protestors and an overflow crowd.
Created a safe environment for the announcement.
Secured a crowd filled with key Republican leaders and Bush supporters.
Secured coverage on Dallas’ TV affiliates, top radio stations, local and suburban newspapers, and major magazines including Texas Monthly and D Magazine.
Positioned the governor for the presidential nomination through national media coverage that included The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN Live, Nightline- Special Edition and ABC's Good Morning America.
A crowd of Gov. Bush supporters and key Republican leaders filled Valley View Center, for his Dallas announcement for reelection.