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Fundraiser Tribute for Coach Landry
Event/Media Campaign
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) wanted to recognize Coach Tom Landry for his many years of service to the organization’s Dallas chapter. Since the early 1960s, Coach Landry had played a pivotal role in the growth of the chapter, one of the strongest in the country. In September 1994, Lovell organized a 70th birthday celebration for Coach Landry at Texas Stadium to honor the coach and raise funds for the FCA.
To create a first-of-its kind silent auction with autographed memorabilia from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.
To secure attendees for the event and raise significant money for the FCA’s Dallas chapter.
To secure national coverage for a local fundraising effort.
Secured Texas Stadium as the venue because of the significance for Coach Landry.
Created a committee made up of owners of Dallas’ major sports teams.
Secured autographed memorabilia from owners, managers and athletes within the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.
Secured William Bennett, the former secretary of education, as the evening’s speaker and Louise Mandrell as the performer.
Distributed press materials to local, state and national media.
Organized a sold-out event for a first-of-its-kind private dinner at Texas Stadium.
Secured over 2,500 autographed sports memorabilia items for the silent auction.
Raised over $170,000 for the FCA in one of the group’s most successful fundraisers at the time.
Received national wire service pickup with coverage on local and national ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and ESPN affiliates.
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Lovell organized a sold-out event that honored Coach Landry while raising over $170,000 for the FCA.