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"The Alamo"
Strategic Partnership
Building on a previous working relationship with Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, a division of the Walt Disney Company, LPR saw a natural fit for being involved in the 2003 production of The Alamo. LPR was well suited to work on a film about THE event in Texas history because of its strong Texas roots. Buena Vista was looking for ways to tie in the movie launch with the State of Texas. Based on its relationships, Lovell represented Buena Vista in creating a promotional partnership with the State of Texas. Lovell created an opportunity for the State of Texas to promote tourism to Texas in conjunction with the release of The Alamo. The State of Texas' tourism department realized the potential of The Alamo as a great opportunity to promote tourism to Texas. Buena Vista looked to Lovell Public Relations for strategic counsel in both campaign and media plan development.
The idea was to secure a promotional partnership between the State of Texas and Buena Vista's The Alamo. Typically, this is the kind of partnership where Buena Vista directly approaches its targeted partners, but in this case, it was government agencies rather than corporations. Having worked previously with Buena Vista for promotions of Pearl Harbor, LPR understood the sensitivities that come with marketing an historical feature film. Lovell represented Buena Vista in negotiating a partnership with the State of Texas, thus securing the participation needed by Buena Vista. Likewise, the State of Texas was able to effectively promote Texas Tourism on a national scale and in certain Canadian markets.
The promotional partnership provided Texas Tourism with a strong web-based marketing effort, driving traffic to The Alamo super-website with links to key sites for Texas Tourism. The super-website provided Texas Tourism with an opportunity to promote the state to travelers far and wide. Internet coverage produced more than 14 million impressions. The promotions also included a national grassroots/field marketing campaign that covered 60 markets across the country and in Canada for a promotional value of approximately $6.2 million. The field marketing efforts included print and radio ads, movie screenings, sweepstakes and other travel-related incentives. Further exposure was gained at promotional screenings with Texas Tourism promotional tie-ins. Exposure included spots on Clear Channel Interactive, Us Weekly, all affiliates in Top Ten markets, dozens of secondary markets, and all major Canadian markets. Touchstone Pictures premiered the movie on March 27, 2004 in San Antonio with a large-scale event.
Following the successful partnership for The Alamo, Lovell continues to actively seek strong partnership possibilities for its clients and other business relationships. The potential partnerships include many between the retail industry, the entertainment industry, several not-for-profit ventures, as well as others - with the purpose to make the partnership greater than the sum of their parts. Additionally, LPR seeks to add value with progressive marketing plans for partnerships it helps bring together.
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A multi-faceted campaign garnered attention for Texas Tourism and helped promote Touchstone Pictures' The Alamo.